Dacono originated as a mining encampment in the late 1800’s. It was filled with greed, saloons, gambling joints and brothels. The reputation of the town has always been kind of “off the reservation”. As the town grew and became an established community, the one thing lacking was the church. There were churches in the surrounding towns only a couple miles away, but none in Dacono. A friend tells me that in the 50’s and 60’s it was a haven for outlaw biker gangs. He still remarks with amazement how then a town of 2000 people could support nine bars, or beer joints as he calls them. It’s very apparent those original spirits of poverty, addiction and bondage still exist here.

It’s no mystery to us why God has called us here. His mission for our church is to stand against the enemy and serve the people with the heart of Christ. We’re already starting to have an impact with our immediate neighbors. We’ve shoveled snow, raked leaves, gave guitar lessons, handed out candy and treats to the little ones and let others use our parking lot during the week. Initial indifference is now met with pleasant conversation and some from the neighborhood are now attending services. I’m praying for a snowball effect as we continue to serve. Future outreach plans include a lawn mowing and yard service for some elderly folks and definitely some barbeques this coming summer. Where there is light, the darkness cannot remain! Praise God!