We started this church plant the third weekend of June of 2010. For a little over a year we met in Bill and Lori Jenkins basement in Ft Lupton, Ft Lupton is approximately seven miles from Dacono. The church was born out of several organized small groups and Bible studies we led at the Jenkins home over the previous 7-8 years.

While my wife Pat and I were taking classes at The Mile High Institute, at Northrock Church in Thornton, (previously Grace Church), we received the call into the ministry. This was confirmed by prophecy received from one of our instructors who said God was leading me to pastor a church in the Longmont area north of the Denver metro area. This happened in 2006 and I immediately told her she must be talking about someone else because I didn’t see myself in that kind of a role.

Pat and I finished our studies in 2008. The leaders of The Mile High Institute asked us to teach at that time. We thought, what a wonderful calling, we get to share the incredible blessing of these classes with others. We served in that capacity for 4 semesters.

Upon completion of the 2010 spring semester class, God was really tugging on my heart to start a ministry with the Jenkins family. It seemed His only response to my prayers was to preach.

Our family had been hit hard by the recession with loss of jobs and contracts. Our children and their spouses were struggling financially as were Pat and I. Pat had lost her job of 20 years and after seeking employment for 8 months her new position only paid about a third of what she previously had made. I lost my contract with my main customer at about the same time she lost her job and we went from making a comfortable living to having zero income overnight. Our children had experienced the same kind of setbacks in their careers and were hurting as well.

Since we were faithful with what God had given us for many years, we just didn’t understand the enemy’s plundering. We realize now it was Satan hitting us where it hurts as a result of our obedience to the call. He was trying to tear us down and stop us before we even got out of the starting gate. Praise God for clarity! Since those days in the beginning we’ve received more clarity through recognition of the attack in the form of life-threatening illnesses and a very scary car accident. God is so good to us. He has delivered us from our adversary time and time again! Apparently Satan can’t seem to remember who it is we serve.

June 20th, 2010 was our first service. I was sweating bullets! 23 people showed up, we praised God and then I shared my testimony. Since then we’ve had many new salvations and numerous baptisms. Praise God!

Since the beginnings of The Fort Church, God has shown us His amazing grace in countless ways. Prayers have been answered, people have been healed, there has been delivery from addictions, and prophecies have been fulfilled. Through an unbelievable set of circumstances we’ve been blessed with a permanent home for our little church in Dacono. Our story is one of God’s provision and blessings.

I’m very blessed to be a part of His work. I can’t express how wonderful it is to submit, pray and watch Him change lives. He allows us to witness His amazing miracles regularly. Not the least of which is to use this most unlikely character to lead these precious folks. When I answered the call to ministry, I had no idea it would come with an immediate love for those He has trusted me to shepherd. It is absolutely beautiful to watch those you love respond to His Word. We are growing in His grace and loving every minute of it!

By the way, that person who prophesied I would be a pastor of a church in the Longmont area has joined our team. Jules and her husband Kevin have served here since early in 2011. Jules fills in for me teaching when I need a break. Did I say I was blessed? Just when I needed  someone I could trust to teach in my absence, God brings Jules. Jules, Pat and I have served together in various ministries over the last few years. I couldn’t have picked a better fit if I had tried. We prayed and once again God delivered. The Psalmist says that God inhabits the praises of His people. I now know firsthand what that means. Praise God! We are blessed beyond measure!